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i do whatever i want whenever i feel like it. - atnur @ Iza

My name is Nuriza. Call me Iza or Lisa. I love games (offline and online), animes (Japanese animations), movies, drama series, books and novels. I love my hubby! Anata, aishiteru! I love my life! I really do. :)

I spend most of my online times on Facebook. Feel free to add me if you know me or just want to know me but don't feel offended if I ignore your friends request. I have every right to do so. :P Please read this post before adding or asking me the same questions you intended to ask;

10 Things You Should Know About Me!
The So Called Facebook Friends
25 Random Things
Why atnur @ Iza (English vs Malay)?
Salam Ramadhan!

Currently playing MouseHunt, Fish Wrangler, Ghost Trappers, Metropolis, Sorority Life, Mob Wars, The Sims Social, Friendly Stock Splits, My Zoo, My Zoo 2, etc on Facebook & Dragon Nest SEA during my free time. Former Angels Online, Lineage II SEA (RIP), Ghost Online (RIP), ROSE Online (RIP), Maple Story Global East Gateway (RIP), Malaysia's Official English Ragnarok Online IRIS II (RIP), DevilRO Takashiro (RIP), NamelessRO Eclipse (RIP), GosuMS (RIP) and RydahMS (RIP) player. I've met a lot of gaming friends in those virtual world and a few becomes my real life friends. Thanks to the internet gaming communities! :D

how i live "my life" is my own business, not yours. i don't need to explain it to anyone of you! if i need tips, guides, advices, lectures, etc i know where to get it. so will you please just mind your own business and buzz off? - atnur @ Iza

As most of you already know, i do play a lot of games and watch a lot of Japanese animations, drama series and/or movies during my free time. If you know any interesting new and old games (especially offline version) plus exciting and touching animes, drama series and/or movies, feel free to share it with me. :D

Don't know what else to say. :P If you have anything you wanted to ask or share, feel free to do so here. If it's personal, then please message me on Facebook. Anyway thanks a lot for reading! :) May you'll be blessed in every way! :D Have a nice day! ;)

p/s :- i post in whatever language i like; be it in Malay, English or a mixed of both; Manglish. ask me if you don't understand any words or use the Google Translate or the normal dual language dictionary. do not complain about my spellings & grammars as i'm not a qualified teacher & you're not my teacher. please teach your skills to those in need.


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