Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Salam Ramadhan!

happy fasting to all my muslim family & friends around the world. thanks for all your sms. sorry couldn't reply back to each & everyone of you but i want you to know it for sure, i've read all of your messages. thank you so much for your thoughts! :) may Allah bless you forever! ;)

i'm really sorry if i've hurt your feelings without me noticing it. i know i'm just speaking my mind & definitely most weren't happy with it... i'm really sorry if i couldn't be there for you when you needed me the most. i'm really sorry for ignoring you... there are times when i don't feel like talking with anyone at all & just wanted to be alone. if you happened to be the one, then i'm truly sorry... i'm really sorry for whatever mistakes i've done in the past or maybe in the future for i'm not a perfectionist. i'm really sorry for not being someone you've expected me to be... i'm me & no one can change that except me & when Allah permits it. i'm really sorry for went MIA till you couldn't find me. i'm really sorry for whatever mess i've caused you in your life in the past, present & in the future... i'm sorry, please forgive me...

i'm just a normal human being, prone to make mistakes with or without notice; simply imperfect & definitely couldn't pleased everyone around me. for that, i'm sorry... i may not talk to you or keep in touch with you for years but i do miss you every single day. i truly hope our relationships & friendships last till eternity. always know that you're always in my thoughts. happy fasting! may you have a great & happy life! :) please take a good care of yourself! ;)

thanks for reading! :D


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