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08-02-12 300 what??? 300 is the max i can follow? there's a limit & i didn't even know that...


& this error is totally annoying... -_-


26-01-12 removed & added back the Blog List widget. not adding the whole list of blogs that i've been following to the widget anymore. so it's lighter than before. problem solved. :)


23-01-12 i'm so sorry! can't add more to the list due to stuck at saving & the widget itself is slow when trying to load. i can't figure out what went wrong. hope you understand. i've tried what i can...

saving that wasn't really saved. tried countless times but failed. stuck at saving. no idea how to fix it.

i've tried on my test blog but still facing the same problem. don't really know what else to do. anyway, will try again till i can get it saved. if you know a temporary solution, please let me know.

thanks in advance for understanding! have a great day! :)

p/s :- i follow all those blogs & sites because i want to follow. no one is forcing me. it's just my way of bookmarking in this virtual world. whether i want to put all or just a few of it in the Random Blog List, that's totally up to me.


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