Sunday, April 10, 2011

10 Things You Should Know About Me!

i'm so sorry, i've to delete my ShoutMix. some people just keep on spamming nonsense & nothing constructive. i do not check it daily & someone has been copying my ShoutMix (the exact coding with my id in it) & paste it on his/her blog. i don't know what's his/her intention & i don't even wanna know.

10 Things You Should Know About Me!

  1. this is my personal blog.
  2. i post whatever i feel like posting; be it my gaming life, my personal life or whatever it is that i wanted to talk about.
  3. i don't care whether my friends, family or strangers wanna read it. i really don't care.
  4. i created this blog for me & myself for my own pleasure.
  5. i'll post in English or Malay or a mixed of both that Malaysian citizens call it as Manglish.
  6. i post on my own free will during my own free time.
  7. i don't update my blog daily.
  8. i use my own pc for blogging at my own house.
  9. i pay my own bills; be it the electricity or the internet services.
  10. i positively sure i never bother you in any way; be it using any of your facilities or even stay at your house or sleep in your bed.

with that said, please do not come here & asked me to change my way of life coz i won't. i will change it when i want & when i'm ready. if you have nothing better to say to me, then please just keep quiet & mind your own business.


p/s :- if you still don't understand, please read my Disclaimer. thank you!

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