Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things


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ok, here goes...

1. during my school & work days, i was given many nicknames. sometimes it has nothing to do with my real name. 1 of my ex-bosses called me Isa coz she can't pronounced the word 'z' fluently... most of my friends spell my name wrongly... people always change the spelling of my name & my father's name when i registered anywhere & some even said 'your father's name is wrong.' -_- how can they say my father's name is wrong? there isn't any right or wrong in the name given since birth, right?

2. i love everything about computer; the software, the hardware, etc. i want it big (space) & i want it fast. i have 750G HDD & 3G DDR2 667 ram but i still don't mind adding another 750G HDD & another 1G ram coz i still think what i have now is not enough... :P

3. i love anime especially Japanese animations with English translations. i love the way they speak. honto ni kawaii. my all time favourite phrases is 'itta daki mas'. :D i've been following Bleach & Naruto Shippuuden every week & still haven't miss any single episodes. :D

4. i love blue. not 'blue' film but blue colour. i always see blue as the prettiest colours of all... so if people ask me to pick between blue & the rest, i definitely will choose blue. :P

5. i never smoke or drink.

6. i never go to any disco or club.

7. i never wear any jeans for my entire life. so i don't even have any pair of jeans anywhere in my house. if you saw jeans in my house, that's my hubby's & not mine. :P

8. i love games. even the most stupid or childish games; i don't mind playing it or at least trying it. i play at least 1 game a day. :P is that addicted? oh, FB games is not included. i'm talking about offline games such as Age Empires series, The Sims 2 series, Dungeon Keeper series, Battle Realms series, etc or online games such as Ragnarok Online, Lineage 2, etc.

9. i rarely switch on lights when i'm in a room especially when i'm doing things with my pc or watching tv. most of the time, my house is dark & only the lights of my monitor or my tv are more than enough to brighten my area.

10. i love movies & drama series. i don't mind what language they converse as long as an English or Malay translations provided. i hate dubbing. i prefer watch anything the original way. dubbing makes it unoriginal & i normally won't watch it... :P

11. i love to read only 1 manga, Nana. after watching Nana (the animation) & Nana the movie, i wanna know how the story goes. i only read it online.

12. i like to disturb people especially when i'm alone & feel lonely. 1 way of disturbing them is by giving them a call & talk until my credits run out. :P

13. i love to talk. haha! yea, i'm talkative & i don't mind talking about anything.

14. i'm a good listener. i don't mind if my family & friends wanna rant about anything. i'll hear it till they're satisfied. if they wrote to me, i'll read it from A to Z no matter how long the email or message is. oh, i hate chatting coz well you need to type to chat. i prefer talk than type. :P so between YM & Skype, i'll go for Skype. that's why you rarely see me on my YM.

15. i love to read absolutely anything. from books, to novels, to magazines, to articles, to guides, anything. i always read my novels after bought it in a day no matter how thick it is. i wanna know the whole story & don't wanna skip anything. so i normally read from cover to cover. i rarely get the chance to buy novels anymore...

16. i don't have any favourite numbers. any numbers will do for me. it doesn't really matter...

17. i love to sing when i'm alone & when i feel like it. i like all kinds of musics.

18. i'm a loving person. i love my family & my friends so much even if they hate me. i miss them every single day. if suddenly i lost contact with anyone of them, i'm gonna be like crazy searching & finding them high & low. i always thought it's my fault if they're missing.

19. i know when people lie to me even if they don't wanna tell me the truth. i mean it when i say i know. why must they lied when i already know about it? i'm not guessing coz i know what i saw.

20. i love to observe people's behaviour but i'm not a stalker. :P my friend says i'm an observant.

21. i love my simple life & hate it when people talk about how they hated my simple life... -_-

22. i love to help anyone whenever i can but i don't like being forced or feeling forced to do it. if i feel that way, i won't help at all. i don't like people order me around as they pleases. i'm not anyone servant.

23. i prefer to talk the truth even if it hurts. so i also prefer if people telling me the truth instead of making excuses or lies. straight to the point. don't make a corner here & there. say no or yes. it's as simple as that.

24. i hate those who look down to others. i hate those whom never get to know the real me but talking bad things about me like they've known me their whole life. everything happens for a reasons. what happens in my pass life has nothing to do with what happens in my life now. if you really already forgive me for whatever mistakes i've made in the pass, you should really learn to forget & move on with your life coz that's what i do. i forgive & forget. can you do that too?

25. as soon as i finished my SPM in 1994, i start working. when i'm engaged in 1999, i've already quit my job to become a full time housewife. i get married to my hubby on 22nd April 2000 & thank God i'm still his wife till now. i don't have kids. only God knows the reason. please don't ask me why i never have any kids coz it does hurt my feelings. like every other married woman, i do want kids of my owns but if God still haven't give me 1, what can i do? i'm not rich like most of my friends or my families. so please don't ask me why i didn't go for an adoption. like i've said many times, i love my simple life. i mean it when i said my life is simple. i don't have furnitures in my house. yes, i'm not willing to invite anyone to my house unless they're my closed friends who understands me & my simple life coz those who don't understand will always talk behind my back. i can't pleased everyone even if i've tried my best.

i've followed the rules. so that's 25 things about me. i think that's all you need to know. that should be enough to answers a few why & what you wanna know about me. everything happens for a reasons. i've never blame anyone for whatever happens in my life. i hope my friends will understand me better. i am what i am & i can't change that coz that would not be me. i hope you like me for being me coz i like you for being you. may God bless you! :) have a nice day! ;)

p/s :- what i wrote is in general. didn't mean to offend anyone but i'm sorry if i do. people makes mistakes, so do i. please forgive me for everything... - Iza -


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