Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why atnur @ Iza (English vs Malay)?

i never thought that someone would even ask me that question. :D

the reason is pretty simple. i've been using atnur as my id since late 90's. atnur was assigned to me as my login id while i was still working with Binariang Bhd. it comes from a combination of my full name with "at" from my father's name & "nur" from my own name. so "at" + "nur" becomes "atnur". Iza is what my friends used to call me since school. instead of calling me Nuriza, they called me Iza which is of course shorter & easier name to remember. so atnur @ Iza is just my id or my name anyone can call me.

i've been using both languages when talking, writing, commenting, etc. sometimes a mixed of both where some people called it as Manglish (Malay + English) or rojak. what's rojak? it's a common traditional dish here in Malaysia; a mixture of fruits & vegetables with special dressings. you can refer to the Rojak Wiki for more information. anyway, for my case rojak stands for a mixture of both English & Malay. so i'll post something in either English or Malay or Manglish depends on my mood. lol!

there you go! the soul reason of why i choose atnur @ Iza (English vs Malay) as my blog name. simple, right? :D

btw, not all atnur in this virtual world is me. :P here & FB is the only active me. of course there are other sites which i've joined since late 90's till now but i wasn't really active in most of it. some i've quit or deleted & the id has been claimed by other people. so do not assume all atnur in this virtual world as me. -_- there's also a placed called Atnur in Karnataka, India & that's definitely not me. :P

so if you still have anything you wanted to know about me, feel free to ask me here or on FB; whichever suits you. :) have a great day & take care! ;)


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