Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The So Called Facebook Friends

i definitely don't understand those type of people; pretending to be friends & at the same time trying to mess with my life. all i did was just remembering their birthdays by wishing them a happy birthday with my favourite application; EyeSores & enjoying myself by playing games or liking whatever interesting things i've seen on my News Feed at that time. what's wrong with people these days? is playing Facebook applications & wishing my Facebook friends on Facebook itself a crime now? i just don't get it!

first they hate my gaming activities on Facebook. fine; i already posted it clearly on my profile but i guess they're just too damn lazy to read... here, let me post it again for you!

▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ █ READ THIS PROPERLY █ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂

i play lots of FB games (when i'm in the mood of gaming) & will publish lots of posts on my wall for my fellow gamers. if you do not play FB games, please go to your News Feed & Hide any games or applications that you don't want to see (whatever your reasons; not playing or taking a break whatsoever). you just need to do that once & you won't need to see it ever again or till Facebook making changes again whichever comes first.

do that first before &/or after adding me. i don't want you bitching about my gaming activities on Facebook. it's none of your business! do not add me if you can't tolerate this! if it bothers you too much, please just remove me from your friends list.

please read this note as well The Games & The Links (for connections, neighbours, etc)

i'm disabling my wall to my Non-Gamers list (those who don't play Zoo World, Mob Wars, Cafe World & FarmVille) since some of you don't know how (or probably lazy) to hide news feed from applications. if you can't see my posts or wall, you're most probably added to my Non-Gamers list. please send me a message if you want to see all my posts on my wall.

all posts on my wall are manually posted by me except Zoo World breeding (it'll automaticly posted when my baby needs food & no, i won't disable this feature as i do not live 24/7 on Facebook). sorry but that's the least i can do.

thanks for reading! have a nice day! :)

▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ █ END OF IMPORTANT NOTES █ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂

is it really hard to understand? then why not just ask me on my wall or message me privately? i check my messages every single day whenever i login to Facebook. so why not just ask me?

well, you don't have to worry about it anymore. from first Ramadhan till now, i've stop posting any gaming activities on my wall. i thought i'll start posting again after Aidilfitri but i've changed my mind now. i won't post any applications on Facebook ever. i'll be closing my wall soon too if needed so that you don't have to worry about seeing whatever applications i play on Facebook. however there are still other things that is beyond my control. things like what i like or comment & stuffs like that; that is definitely beyond my control since Facebook has taken all those from my privacy settings. you just have to deal with that or if it really bothers you, then please kindly make yourself a favour & delete me. afterall, what's the point of having me in your friends list if you just don't want to try to understand me or at least the Facebook feature, right? just doesn't make sense at all...

from now on; i'll be ignoring all friends request if you didn't stated any reasons in your message; those without any mutual friends as i couldn't really guess your hidden intentions of adding me especially if i don't even know you. too many stalkers who don't have other better things to do in their life other than just want to peak at my activities on Facebook is just too much for me to handle. getting betrayed for being nice is just what i always get anyway. so i'm asking you nicely, please just mind your own business & stop messing with me & my life; be it my virtual life or even my real life.

sorry & thank you for reading! have a nice day!

p/s :- i'm a bit upset when i wrote this... if you still want to see my wall just to be able to write wall to wall or post anything to my wall, then you can always send me a message. that if i already closed my wall to everyone. i'll put you in a special group if needed. please know that if you're included in those group, you'll see all older posts since before 1st Ramadhan. i don't have time to check & delete any of my older posts...


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