Tuesday, April 26, 2011

34th Birthday Memories

last week, it was a memorable & touching week for me. i had so much fun & surprises that i totally forgot all the sadness i've endured for the past years. it was truly a blessing in disguise. :)

Friday, 22nd April was my wedding anniversary. Sunday, 24th April was my birthday. there was a birthday gift sent to me on Saturday's afternoon but since i wasn't at home, i couldn't get it on time. they've planned it quite well & i'm truly touched for their thoughts...

last Sunday's evening, my hubby treated me with a special lunch at Seri Bidara near Flaming Steamboat. the seats were quite full although it was already passed 2.30 pm. it was a self service restaurant, so we took whatever pleased to the eyes. well, we were kind of hungry.

after that, we went to the Sunway Pyramid. since we couldn't watch Rio or Source Code at GSC the day before (Saturday), so we've planned to watch Rio at TGV. we couldn't get the tickets for the 3.20 pm show as it was kind of full... so we bought 2 tickets for the 5.30 pm show instead.

while waiting for the show to start, we went to the nearest A&W restaurant to have a drink & talked about a lot of things. around 5.20 pm, we went straight to the cinema. lots of my FB friends suggest us to watch Rio; my sisters too. the reason why i wanted to watch it so much. Rio is indeed fun! if you love animated movie, then you should go & watch Rio! :D

yesterday's morning i went to the nearest Pos Laju office to get my parcel. i don't know who's the sender & what's inside. i was indeed anxious with all kinds of thoughts. i've a little bit idea of the sender but i'm just not quite sure till i see it with my very own eyes. when i saw the sender's name, i was like, "they've got me!". when i opened the gift wrapped & saw what's inside, i couldn't stopped myself & cried... i can't even express how i feel but it was indeed a very touching moment...

A picture is worth a thousand words - Unknown

a pedometer from Ai Ling

Rio from hubby

Nokia C1-01 from Zul, Fyza & Agus

the birthday card inside it

the sender; Zul, Fyza & Agus

thank you, Ayang!
thank you, Hotlink!
thank you, Ai Ling!
thank you, Mama!
thank you, Nana!
thank you, Lihah!
thank you, Zul, Fyza & Agus!
thank you, my beloved family & friends!
alhamdulillah... :)

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  1. Seems like your week was great, i`m so happy for you. I wish you to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary and Happy Birthday!


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