Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jessie, Suzanne & Ayam Penyet Ria, Summit USJ

yesterday's morning, i went to see Suzanne. she told me Jessie will be replacing her, so i should consult with Jessie in the future. but then in the end it was Ai Ling who has been guiding me with everything. she even gave me a pedometer for free. thank you so much, Ai Ling! :D

me & hubby didn't celebrate our anniversary coz he was busy working. when he came home, it was kind of late. so we've decided to celebrate it the next day; after my appointment.

we went to Summit USJ as we've decided to watch either Source Code or Rio. unfortunately both shows started kind of late; Source Code at 6.40 pm & Rio at 9.20 pm. the rest of the shows wasn't interesting to watch... so we end up having lunch at Ayam Penyet Ria at the lower ground floor. my hubby ordered set R consist of smashed fried chicken (ayam penyet), a plate of rice, a bowl of soto soup & a glass of grass jelly soy drink (cincau soya). i ordered set A consist of smashed beef steak (empal penyet), a plate of rice, a bowl of soto soup & a glass of grass jelly soy drink (cincau soya). we also ordered gado-gado.

set A; Empal Penyet set

set R; Ayam Penyet set


we went back home & arrived before 4 pm. it was raining heavily when we arrived. there was a letter for my hubby & a sticker for me. both were packages sent by someone. supposed to be delivered to us but we weren't at home. so we've to go to the nearest post office (two different locations as stated on both letter & sticker) to pick them up on Monday.

someone on FB had told me (few days ago) that i'll received something this week. nice surprise although i'm still uncertain who's the sender & what's inside it. :D

ok, i need to sleep. :P till then, have a great weekend! ;)


  1. tunggu la next month, bila adik angkat i dtg sini. i'll give you a call tp jgn x jawab phone pulak masa tu. :P

  2. syioknye mamam... kat kedai Ria lak tu akekeke perasan!


thank you! please come again! :)