Friday, November 12, 2010

Noise Pollution

as soon as the highway just beside my house was officially open for use; i really feel the need to move far away from here. the noise pollution is so extremely annoying especially when it's raining. you can hear the motor vehicle very clearly & it makes me sick. it has been more than a week now & i'm still not fully recovered. i might become deaf if this continues...

from 2005 since recently i'm happily live here without all these noises. the reason why i prefer staying at home instead of strolling elsewhere. all those time, the highway was just an empty closed lot. the construction only began somewhere last year. & now i feel like moving out as soon as possible. i really can't stand it! -_-


  1. Hi, I was cruising the internet and saw your blog. I read your profile and I identified a lot. Because I also love books, serials and internet. Well, that's not how we make new friends? Touring the Internet and looking at pages of others? XD I'm Brazilian, so if it does not very well to understand my message, blame Google translator HAHA. I would like to visit my blog. I write every day. Bye

  2. hi Loreal :) nice to meet you! :D

    don't worry, i understand what you're trying to say. i'm Malaysian & normally speak either Malay, English or a mix of both most of the time. lol!

    seems like we do have few things in common. :D i've to use Google translator too when reading your blog coz i don't understand Portuguese. :P

    anyway, thanks for stopping by! :) take care! ;)


thank you! please come again! :)