Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Snooty Mouse - 5 King's Credits

my first Snooty Mouse :D
12:51 pm - King's Gauntlet
I went on a hunt with Retcher Ching where I was successful in my hunt! I caught a 6 oz. Snooty Mouse worth 10 points and 10 gold.

This was a prize mouse worth King's Credits

5 King's Credits were added to my inventory.

my first Snooty Mouse at 68 pp. :D setup HRRH/WBWT/Swiss. now just need the Treasurer Mouse :)


acronyms, abbreviations & meanings

HRRH = HitGrab Rainbow Rockin' Horse
WBWT = Wooden Base with Target


  1. Hi! Thank you for responding so quickly.
    I'm in a treatment in hospital. The doctor said I have asthma. But I'm better with treatment, thanks for the concern .. this was the second posting, so "Adventures in Hospital 2. ^ ^
    Ahh almost forgot to say .. My name is Nicky.
    Loreal because I put the brand L'Oréal ahhahahaha XD
    Iza and her name is, I hit?
    What is a Mouse Snooty?


  2. hi Nicky! :)

    i've replied on your blog. thanks a lot for visiting! :D

  3. Ahh got it .. I also love to play online. Lineage I play with my boyfriend. I have facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001820509788
    I just wrote on the blog whenever you want you can comment

  4. hi Nicky! :)

    i've replied on your blog & added you on Facebook as well. :D

  5. Oi Iza! De agora em diante vou escrever em português, ok? Eu sou brasileira, lembra? hehe

    Você tá perguntando o que é meu namorado, ou o que é um namorado? oO

    Eu estou jogando Torchlight, é bem divertido ^^
    Já te adicionei no facebook


  6. hi Nicky! :)

    yes, sure. go ahead! :D i've replied on your blog as usual. :) have a great weekend! ;)

    o cara da foto é o meu namorado. O nome dele é Anderson, ele também gosta muito de jogos. Ele faz faculdade de jogos.
    Ele convidou você para jogarmos Torchlight 2 online.
    E eu nem perguntei. Quantos anos você tem?

  8. hi Nicky! :)

    sorry for the late reply but i've replied on your blog. have a great weekend! ;) xoxo! :D


thank you! please come again! :)