Sunday, August 15, 2010

Which Evil Criminal are You?

Congratulations, you're Jack the Ripper!

Perhaps the most famous serial killer ever, you placed fear into the heart of Victorian London in 1888. You prey upon prostitutes; while they lift their skirts for you, you seize their throats and strangle them. Then you lower them to the ground and cut their throats; perhaps, if you feel like it, you'll slice out a kidney or cut open a leg.

The next morning, the body will be in the open for all the world to see; the newspapers will echo the screaming out on the cobbled streets.

You can proudly tell the world that you gut women like fish with the following graphical badge:

I am Jack the Ripper. Come here, my pretty ...

p/s :- if you're emotionally sensitive, please don't do this test or any other tests or quizzes anywhere on this internet world coz most of it are dumb anyway. LOL! so yeah, don't believe everything you've read. :P i mean the result. most quizzes are made for fun. :D


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