Sunday, August 15, 2010

Digital Mall & Friend Stock

yesterday's evening, me & hubby went to the Digital Mall to check my CPU. the day before my pc made a weird sound. well, the normal sound if your ram is not connected properly or if your graphic card has burn out. i noticed the fan doesn't move as well. so yeah, definitely the graphic card coz it has been more than 2 years. when the technical guy made an inspection, it's just like what i've predicted; the graphic card. the warranty has already expired. so i can't exchange it anymore & have to buy a new 1. i've bought myself the cheapest latest arrival nVidia; well couldn't afford more although ATI is cheaper. i just don't like ATI & can't really explain why. anyway, it cost me rm264. well, better than nothing right as i really need to use my pc. afterall it's a part of my daily life routine.

there were so many customers. so yeah, we have to wait till our turn like the rest. i don't really look at the time but i think it's kinda long but i'm very much satisfied with the result. he even changed most of the inner cables. looks a lot cleaner. LOL!

then we went to my favourite booth; gaming booth. hahahaha! i've been trying to get this very 1 game with all its expansion pack for months & i can finally get it. :D nop, not gonna tell you what's the name of the game. :P you have to figure it out yourself. hahahaha! i've installed everything last night but were just too tired to try. so yeah, gonna play it later. :)

i didn't online much yesterday. & this morning when i login to Friend Stock, i was sold last night by my mutual. don't really know what's her reason for doing so & i don't really have the time to wonder why. LOL! i'll still be keeping & boosting her. will sell her if i'm no longer interested in holding on to her stock anymore. hahahaha!

anyway, i don't really think people are still going to read my stupid blog. but then thanks anyway if you still do. :D i hope you guys & girls are having a great weekend. :) take care! ;)


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