Sunday, July 24, 2011


Special mission: Masquerade

Agents of S.C.O.T.C.H, it is time to fight the vampire ghost threat. Successfully trap 1 Sid the vicious within the next three days and you will receive the following rewards: 3 Blood plasma, 2 Ghost plasma, 3 Chrono crystal fragments, 1 De-augmentator, 1 Document PEM.3, 50 Crimson Mary mocktails, 200 Liquid ember, 100 Silver star purple, 200 Blood orange juice, and 2 Elemental plasma.

Time left to complete this mission: 53 hours and 14 minutes

Catch 1 Sid the vicious
Your progress: 1 of 1 ghosts

Congratulations, you have fulfilled all objectives. Click the button below to finish this mission and claim your reward.

24th of July 2011, 00:45
You have successfully accomplished the special mission 'Masquerade'. Your reward has been added to your inventory.

24th of July 2011, 00:44
You have successfully trapped a Sid the vicious. The reward for this ghost is 7758 £ and 703 experience points.

easy peasy mission. :D caught it on my first try. :) my setup...

Mechanism: Magic maze
Magic Circle: Pumpkin candles
Contract: Countess Wilhelmina
Companion: Ghost seal - level 5
Crystal: Mighty chrono crystal
Cauldron: Blood cauldron
Bait: Nessy's Golden Reserve
Location: Sternham castle


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