Monday, July 25, 2011

Draw And Describe Yourself

me and myself :P

dah lama tak main benda alah tag nie. lol! kali nie kena tag dgn theblabber from mari merepek. simple je sebenarnya. lukis diri sendiri, pastu describelah anything tentang diri sendiri. mood ke, perasaan ke, anything...

so that's what i feel yesterday; 24th July 2011 on 1.40 pm. buruk kan? lol! kenapa tak upload semalam? well, i don't have any scanner and my handphone bila zoom in pun still tak clear jugak and gelap-gelita. so have to wait till hubby comes home (which is kind of late...). my hubby gelak tak ingat dunia when he saw my drawing. -_- anyway, this piece of crap was caught using his handphone. baru la clear sket. sket je. nie pun tak clear sangat kan but whatever! :D

okay, time for the explanation...

i was tired and restless (i'm still tired and restless)... i've a headache and few bruises on my shoulders, hands and legs due to playing lots of crazy attractions at Berjaya Times Square Theme Park last Saturday. this is what i'm wearing everytime i'm going somewhere (out of the house). tudung, baju kurung with long pants or long skirt or long shirt with long pants with my handbag and a pair of slippers (sometimes i wear shoes but most of the time, just slippers or sandals). the other hand was holding a plastic of souvenir from my beloved sis; Atie. at that time i was hungry but don't know what to eat. kiranya takde selera nak makan tapi lapar. what else? rasanya tu je la kot. :)

for those who don't understand what i'm talking about but still wanna play this tag game;

  1. just draw yourself (traditional way or moden way or a mixed of both)
  2. put a description (up to you how you wanna describe yourself)
  3. post it to your blog and maybe explain a little
  4. then tag your friends or anyone you wanna tag

i hate to tag people but i'm still tagging anyway. lol! i'm tagging my real life friends yang tak pernah masuk sini or yang bertahun tak update blog diorang tak kira la pernah komen ke tak pernah. i'm following theblabber's lead, tagging sesape yang pernah komen kat blog nie jugak (tapi tak semua la). hahahaha! suka hati korang la nak buat ke tak nak. tiada paksaan... ok? :D kalo rasa terpaksa, then tak payah buat coz it's just for fun! :) and sape-sape yang tak kena tag tu, kalo nak buat pun boleh jugak ok? ;)

my beloved friends (in no particular order)

  1. Atie
  2. Man
  3. Ria
  4. Reizzal
  5. Aton
  6. Wan
  7. Sally
  8. Farizal
  9. Zul
  10. Nana

my sincere commenters (from the latest 25 comments)

  1. Kotak Mancis / S_Basri
  2. kak ina kl
  3. ღ p!nk veLvet ღ
  4. Hans
  5. ninie_azriena
  6. pCL [p@kcikLie]
  7. Anak Ulu Cheka
  8. Tor Hershman
  9. Ujang9897
  10. HasrulHassan [HH]
  11. QaRr JaliL
  12. sniffa93_aznil4eva
  13. Adam Idris
  14. RedNema (-_-")
  16. TifaMuffikinz
  17. IbuNdashare
  18. Jacob
  19. gz
  21. Cedric Alexandre
  22. Falaxy
  23. the egyptian knight
  24. Faysal
  25. R. Dank

till then, take care! ;)


  1. best je tag ni. nanti atie lukis yek.. =)

    ** ada bau ikan kering ke masa akak naik teksi??

  2. Atie, ada! :D ada something gak berlaku masa balik hari tu, kinda scary jugak. nanti akak cerita.

  3. gagaga, thanks for the tag....tngk le klu i rajin..lame x lukis2 nie :D

  4. ..done..

  5. @Reiz; lol! kalo rajin. :P

    @Ria; thank you! sorry, bulan puasa nie kurg menjenguk blog. :P


thank you! please come again! :)