Tuesday, April 12, 2011

10 Simple Tips For GT Players

just a simple tips for everyone who enjoys GT (Ghost Trappers) as much as i do...

  1. if you plan on doing any weekly mission, do it as soon as it starts (1st day). don't wait till the last day coz you might not be as lucky as you think...
  2. if the mission needs several midnight ghosts, keep your power hunt (chrono crystal or mighty chrono crystal) for hunting during midnight hour. use the lowest cool down you can during midnight. the best bait is DD (Devil Driver) or Nessy during that 1 hour.
  3. if you don't want to hunt during midnight & want to catch the midnight ghosts during day time, then use the highest midnight attraction setup. this doesn't guarantee a 100% catch on the type of ghost you want but it do works as an alternative.
  4. if you want to catch several ghost monsters, then use the highest mystic setup with high malty mist. when you've caught 1 & need the assistance from friends to click it, please post it to any ghost monsters assistants group such as CCMA (Click Click Monster Assistance) for help.
  5. if you want to post any link at CCMA, please make sure you've help everyone's link first before posting your own link. please just bump your post once an hour & delete it when it's done.
  6. while waiting for your ghost monster to be caught (0 click), change your setup to your suitable hunting preferences + loot multplier (for a chance to get loot from the ghost monster when it has been caught).
  7. as soon as your ghost monster has been caught, remove it from your monsters journal & you can repeat the same process from number 4 till 5 till your cauldron exhausted or expired, whatever you wanna call it.
  8. always use the cheapest whisky in every location if you want to collect as much money as you want. use the slight expensive whisky in a very profitable place with money bonus setup. use mocktails if & when you can afford it.
  9. if you want more loot, then use any combination of loot multiplier setup. you can always sell your loot at Tradepost for bigger profits.
  10. last but not least, GT is a game, not your job. if you failed in any mission, you can always try again some other time. if you need help, don't be shy & just ask me or any of your GT friends. we'll be glad to help you in anyway we could.

happy trapping! ;)

p/s :- sharing is caring! if i left out anything, please just let me know. :) tq!


  1. At first I was not really sure what the ghost trapping was about, but as I kept reading, I found it to be really interesting and informative. I also really like the reactions poll at the bottom of your post, I think that I would like to incorporate something like that into my blog. If you get the chance, maybe you could check it out. Well anyways, following. I can't wait to see some more quality posts like this (:

  2. hi Jacob! :)

    thanks for stopping by. GT or Ghost Trappers is an application on Facebook. it's a game that i've been playing since few years back. sorry, can't really recall the actual date. :D


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