Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ayang! Happy Reunion ex SMTI! Happy Halloween!

first of all, happy birthday, Ayang!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, My Love!

So far we've had
A wonderful life
Living together
As husband and wife

Our love is what keeps
Our marriage strong
It's always present
Even when things go wrong

May our love together
Continue to succeed
Because each other
We both really need

Truly in love
I am with you
Thank you my love
For all that you do

I love you!

the author is unknown. i got this lovely poem from email.

today is the reunion of ex SMTI batch 93/94. it was held at the Polo Grounds, Ipoh, Perak this morning. i couldn't attend it as i'm not feeling well (at home here in PJ) & my hubby has some work to do (although today is also his birthday). anyway, i did call Yan (the organizer) & she said lots of our friends came. i really miss them... i left SMTI after SPM in 1994. most of them i've never met & lost contact since that day. i truly miss them especially few of my closed friends during those memorable teenage days... i heard from Yan that they came as well. i'm really looking forward to see some photos & videos of the event later. :)

today is Sunday. so happy weekend to those who are resting or spending times with family & friends! & to those who are celebrating the Halloween's event, then Happy Halloween to you! i hope whatever you're doing or planning to do today will end well. :) take care! ;)


  1. Happy besday abg nazri..semoga pjg umur n murah rezeki..semoga hanya yang baik2 saja berlaku dalam kehidupan..amin..

  2. appi besday..sowwi lambat ucap coz..tak topup tepon huhuhu jimaaatt


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