Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Some Changes

nothing much actually. just changing the template from black (dark & gloomy) to light blue (calm & relaxing). don't really have time to search for billions other free templates (from other sites i mean). so i'm just using whatever comes with Blogger (as usual).

yesterday i received a quite shocking & sad news about 1 of my best friend in Sydney. i know i'm 1 of those that always knew about something rather late... my friend has been hospitalized for more than a month now. his right leg has been infected with bug infection from knee downwards. most of his cells were infected & due to the needs to stop the infections from spreading to other part of his body, he has lost his leg... i cried while reading his message... there's nothing i can do to help him only pray for his speedy recovery & hope that he'll become stronger than ever to accept his fate... may Allah always bless you, my friend!

i'm thinking to make some changes in real life. something that i can never disclosed to public. it has been delayed for years actually coz i don't have the heart to do it or you could say that i'm very very lazy to even start it. i thought i'm gonna start this Sunday or probably Friday but still haven't decided yet. i hope it won't end up like last week. lol!


  1. u go anywer ah dis diwali? i think wan 2 go out la. i very sad maa, cannot tahan wan. i no go back parent haus. cannot woo. i teringat.


thank you! please come again! :)