Saturday, September 18, 2010

Palee's Birthday; Flaming Steamboat Buffet, Sunway

Happy Birthday, Palee! :)

Palee is my brother in law; Ina's hubby. 17th September; yesterday was his birthday. Ina hosted the birthday celebration at Flaming Steamboat Buffet, Sunway Branch gathering all three family together; hers, mine & Man's. in the afternoon, my hubby called for reservation of 6 adults, 2 childrens & a baby. since Palee, Man & his wife were working, he booked for the 10 pm session. as most Flaming fans already know; there are 3 sessions everyday; 5 pm to 7.30 pm, 8 pm to 10 pm & 10 pm to 12 am.

me & hubby followed Man's family. Ina called at 9.41 pm & told us that she had arrived at Flaming. the rest of us arrived before 10 pm. well you can guess the rest; the usual stuff when you went to the steamboat buffet; grab & eat whatever you want. lol! we left when it was about to closed. :P thanks a lot, Ina! :D

that was my forth times eating at Flaming; the first three was always the first session on either Saturday or Sunday. the first time i went there was with my hubby on Saturday. we were placed in front of the counter. the second time also with hubby. at that time, since hubby has made the reservation few days earlier; we were placed on the top floor, near the windows & serving area. the best place in my opinion. :D the third time, my hubby has made a reservation for the same table earlier but since we arrived a bit late & there was a large group of 64 people came in, we were placed behind the counter. i was slightly unhappy when they decided to change our table without notice. -_- from all 4 visitings, i loved the second 1 more than the rest.

my point is, the next time you want to eat at Flaming Steamboat Buffet, booked earlier & arrived early to avoid frustration. oh & btw, Flaming has increased their price again to rm22.80 for adult & rm9.90 for children (5% service charge not included). the last time i went, i was still getting the price of rm20.90 (5% service charge not included). i guess they increased the price after the launched of Setapak branch.


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