Sunday, September 19, 2010

Between Sincere & Hypocrite

my FB friends keep asking me the same questions;

"what if he/she hates me after knowing the truth?"

"what if he/she left me for good?"

"what if he/she chooses her/him instead of me?"

in my past love relationships, honesty means everything to me. if he changed right after knowing the truth about me, then i just have to break off the relationship & forget about him. to me it's as simple as that. if i can accept you with all your pasts; good or bad, then why can't you do the same? if i can tolerate everything about you, then why can't you?

the same goes for friendships. truth means everything. if you still wanna lie, then it's your choice. to me i'll always tell you the truth. you may think that what i was telling you is just too personal. well, that's me! if i tell you my secrets, that means i trust you. i value your friendship. whether you'll still be my friend or you'll just leave me for good; it's all up to you. that's the risk i'm willing to take.

if you still have doubts, then just forget about all those "what if" & let them know how you really feel inside... you never know what they think about you or your secret till you at least try to tell them. if they're who they said they're, then they should be able to accept you no matter what; be it good or bad. if they can't accept you just because you're not what they've always expected you to be, well at least you know who's true with their own words & who's not. that's where you can really see between the sincere & the hypocrite. just like they can choose to be with you or leave you, you too can make your own choices! so choose wisely...


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