Thursday, September 2, 2010

Between Everything & Nothing

i'm not rich like most of you. i don't even have a lot of things. most of the time i'm still struggling to survive. but the truth is i'm happy with my life. i'm still alive. i can still do what i love most; online & gaming. i can still watch my favourite anime, movies & drama series. i can still call or sms my family & friends if i wanted to. i can still go anywhere i wanted to go & the most important thing is i can still spend so much times with my hubby...

it's not that i don't have any dreams. it's not that i don't have any ambitions. it's just that i'm appreciating what i have instead of what i don't have... what's the point of have everything & at the same time, lonely without no one to share? i may not have everything but i know i have something else that's much more important than all those buyable things. i have lovable family! i have caring friends! i have freedom! & the most important thing is i'm happy! you can't buy family, friends, freedom & happiness, can you? :) so be grateful of what you have while you still have them & while you're still alive...


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