Friday, September 24, 2010

Another Changes to Facebook?

first of all, thanks a lot to Nafeesa for sharing this with me! :)

i'm happy if they truly want to make those changes but the problem will still exist. there are some users who've installed many apps in the past & have stop playing but still haven't uninstalled all those apps. they probably don't know how to do it or just too lazy to do it. no offense to both sides... eventhough FB has provide many features for both gamers & non-gamers but if the users themselves don't want to use all those features, it's still basically useless...

i began actively playing all sorts of FB apps since 2007. so i've encountered many changes they've made. some i don't like but still whether i like or hate the changes, the changes had already happened. i slowly trying to adept with all those features. if FB doesn't have what i want (something they had before the changes which is quite useful), there's always another solutions to that like BetterFacebook for example.

since FB will always going to make changes (trying to make it better), problems will still rise in the future. i actually don't care much about others anymore. i just play games & checking requests. not going to publish anything & will rarely check the news feed... i had enough with people complaining when i was posting too much in the past. my account got disable twice & i believe it was due to posting too much. maybe some people were annoyed & report me to FB. i love FB because i can connect with my new & old friends, playing games alone or together, reading their notes, watching their videos, getting the latest update from almost anyone or anything, etc. so till they really implement the so called changes, i'll just wait & see it first before deciding anything...


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