Saturday, September 25, 2010

Never Explain; Gamers or Non-Gamers

there was once when FB made a very good changes, where you can drag any feeds filter you want to the top so that those non-gamers can see what feeds they want rather than gaming feeds, photo feeds, video feeds, etc. i really missed that feature. i know FB's trying really hard to pleased both gamers & non-gamers but as we already know it's almost impossible to pleased everyone no matter what.

i remember when i used to post a lot for all the games i played (i post for my gaming friends coz i know they need it), not just non-gamers were complaining but gamers as well. you see i play a lot of games. some of my friends either play most of the games i played or other games that i'm not playing. some just play only 1 game instead of many. the complains started from both sides; gamers & non-gamers.

non-gamers will always say that i don't have life, i'm just wasting my time, i should stop posting, bla bla bla. the gamers that only play 1 game will also make some noise, i should stop posting the games that they don't play, i shouldn't post too much, etc. i don't have problems with people posting anything on FB coz i'll hide whatever applications i don't want to see. to me it's really easy. so i don't really know what's their main problem. they can hide the applications or me (or better still they can just block me) but they choose to complain instead of doing something about it... they who always said they've better things to do in their life are the one who were always complaining on my FB activities. -_- is complaining over someone else activities on Facebook the so called better thing to do in life? i don't think so...

many people have problems in their daily life. i know there are absolutely many solutions out there for all the problems but i choose to ease my mind by playing games or watching movies or anime at my own home without disturbing anyone. what does my daily life activities have anything to do with others, right? i'm just a housewife with no kids & there's absolutely nothing to do when i'm alone especially when my hubby has gone to work. but do i even have to tell everyone about that too? i don't think so.

Never explain -- your friends do not need it, and your enemies will not believe you anyway. - Elbert Green Hubbard

non-gamers will always blame gamers & gamers will always tried to defend themselves... so i'm done trying to explain or defending myself coz i'm not a criminal & playing games doesn't bring any harm to anyone. some games do bring happiness or miracles to others in its on way. each to their own...

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