Tuesday, July 1, 2008

BaldTeam & Zakum

i'm a bit restless since i started to play ms private server. i had so much fun coz the GM likes to make event every day. sometimes i join the event, sometimes i don't. i normally lvling alone or with my hubby & friends.

last night i was invited to join BaldTeam guild. this guild is so talkative. the guild mate are friendly & always help newbie. we had a zakum party. i've been taking a lot of screenshots during the fight but silly me for not checking the default key. they set it to scroll lock & i thought it's print screen. so there goes all my screening effort. all gone! unsaved! lol!

but nvr mind. the most important thing is i only died twice while our tanker died 23 times. haha! first time died due to out of pot. second time died due to replying to the other mage. lol! she died a lot. our bishop gone. from so many people, left only 4 people. but we manage to kill off zakum. too bad, no drop. but it was fun! for your info, that was my first experience killing a zakum. i'm so proud of my character coz my ice lightning arch mage can kill it. i'm still smiling. :D


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