Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Hubby really needs your HELP! can you help him?

my hubby had an accident on May. so he had to take MC as he can't work. doctor gave him MC for 2 months. his boss said he'll gonna pay his salary as usual & also pay all the bills but guess what? he lied. he didn't even pay anything at all.

yesterday when my hubby check his account, his boss only bank-in rm400. only rm400!!! he should get more than that as he's not purposely not working. he can't work. the MC was given by the University Hospital.

all this while all the house bills (electricity, water, maintenance, home phone, streamyx) paid using my money through my account (my savings when i'm still working from 1996-1999. it's not much...). as you already know, i'm not working. i'm a housewife but of course i've to help my hubby to keep our home. but since his stupid boss don't wanna pay my hubby's salary, we had no other way to get money to pay our bank overdue for our home. the bank had called us for few times since the accident. you know how banks work. they don't care if you have problems or not. what they know is we have to pay or they'll take our house.

my hubby keeps on hunting & searching for a new job as obviously his stupid boss won't pay him anything. we can't do anything to him as my hubby still hasn't get any jobs. the mentality of Malaysian employer, the discrimination & the racism (well, i don't wanna think about it. it makes me sick!), my hubby still jobless. why i say jobless? coz his boss said he don't have to come to work until there's a new project. see how cruel is he? he don't wanna pay the 2 months salary he promised & now he thrown my hubby without anything.

that's what makes me sad... why is sometimes life is so cruel to us? i'm not blaming anyone even God, i'm just sad. when we live a great life, so many friends & family were around but when we're in a bad shape, no one wanna help us. no one wanna offer us anything. we don't need money, we just want a job so we can continue our life. that's all!

if you know anyone who needs an employee (Mechanical Engineering field), please let me or my hubby know! he really needs a new job right now or we gonna lose our home... -_-


  1. hye sis ~ jz drop by 2 say how much im sorry 2 hear bout ur prob... u r having the same prob like my brother hve... i noe how hard u must 2 do 4 living... sory if my cmmnt do not helping u n ur husband but at least u noe som1 do care bout people like u... if i heard bout any position that suit wit ur husband, i'll do contact u.. btw, im nik ~ :)

  2. Since ur asking for help here I assume you have no more relatives n friends to ask for help. Here r my advice.
    3.register at job agencies.
    4.u or/and ur hubby MUST find TEMPORARY work eg. McDonald,7-11 anything. no work = no RM.
    5.cut all ur expenses down. WAKE UP! WAKE UP! Survival mode! basic needs only!

  3. hello, kak iza, saya mempunyai idea yang bernas, melihatkan kakak banyak bermain online game, saya mengsuggest kan untuk mengunnakan keuntungan barang-barangan dan duit "in-game" untuk dijual dalam wang ringgit, zaman saya bermain game dulu (RAGNAROK), amat memberi keuntungan yang lumayan, lagi lagi jika kakak menggunakan fungsi "Botting",

    Ia mungkin tidak bersesuaian, tetapi saya hanya memberi pendapat saya untuk membantu kakak, saya masihlah muda dan saya tidak mampu membantu dari segi lain, dan saya berharap ini boleh membantu menampung serba sedikit.

  4. Salam kak nk tlg kak iza n ur bleh bg akak keje n boleh dapat income every week..kalo berminat bleh call sy dan kita berbincang...

  5. hye sis ~ employee should be entitled for MC rite? why not you go to Labour Court to fight on this?

    i hv experienced on it but with diff case and we won! :D FYI, just go and tell everything to them.. the Labour dept is in our site... dun worry...

    mechanical field? Shell hiring ppl.. u may go to for info..

  6. Hye akak, try minta ur Hubby apply at Air Asia, they r hiring for Engineer.

  7. Salam iza,
    setiap ujian yg Allah berikan
    mengikut kemampuan hambanya.
    Bermakna iza dan suami mampu
    Banyakkan berdoa pdNYA berserta
    usaha.Setiap permasaalahan pasti
    ada jalan penyelesaian...

    Semoga iza dan suami tabah ye.
    Saya turut simpati dgn nasib iza.

  8. a'kum..
    saya amat faham situasi bila berada didalam kesusahan..kerana saya sentiasa hidup susah dari kecik smpai sekarang...yg penting kita harus redha dan ingat Allah selalu..

    Cuba akak g
    ada bnyk post kat UMW Toyota skrg,saya rasa sesuai utk suami akak..
    yakinlah doa org yg dianiaya tiada hijab dgn Allah..
    Doa dan cuba yer kak

    hazri 0173038480

  9. just wanna say thank you so much to everyone who reply here, send email & messages me in private in either Facebook, Friendster & MySpace. i'm greatful for all the infos, advices & helps that i get from each one of you. may God bless all of you for eternity. :)

    when there's a will, there's a way. when there's a way, there's a hope. when there's a hope, there's a chance. when there's a chance, we'll grab it as much as we can.

    thanks again! have a nice day & may all of you have a great life!


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