Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My First Rainbow Ghost!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم & السلام عليكم
hello visitors; family, friends & strangers!
welcome to atnur's world!

my 1st encounter.

28th of March 2012, 14:51

You encountered a Rainbow ghost, but it did not activate your trap. It could not steal your special bait, though, so you can use that bottle again.

and then...

28th of March 2012, 14:59

You have successfully trapped a Rainbow ghost. The reward for this ghost is 2167 £ and 582 experience points. Furthermore, this ghost dropped some loot:
1 x Rainbow Agent

Superbuff: You get a bonus for the next hunt.

woohoo! :D

my setup :-

Mechanism: Magic Maze
Magic Circle: Snow Candles
Contract: Vilevere
Companion: Ghost Seal - level 5
Crystal: Mighty Chrono Crystal
Cauldron: Blood Cauldron
Bait: Nessy's Golden Reserve
Location: Castle McMahon
Badge: Twilight

p/s :- GT time has advanced by an hour since few days ago...


  1. ni game ke?, game kat mane??

    1. haah, game kat Facebook. nama game nie Ghost Trappers. tangkap² hantu. sekarang ada event sampai 2 April. :)


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