Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stay In Beijing A Bit Longer!

By popular demand, Sorority Life: Beijing will be open for a few extra days! Don't miss your last chance to continue exploring the mysterious and exotic cities of China.

Time Remaining: 5 Days Left! - Sorority Life

nop, it's not me going to Beijing for real. it's my in game character; atnur. the developer has extend Beijing for another 5 days. so i still have time to complete some of my missing craftable Beijing glams.

my completed glams :-

  • Fiery Dragon Fan
  • Paper Dragon
  • Crimson and Lace Dress
  • Gold Chinese Gown
  • Inlaid Pearl Pipa
  • Sheer Mint Sparkle Outfit
  • Silk Flower Formal
  • Velvet Stripe Shoes
  • Studded Leather Bag
  • China Cup Dress
  • Chinese Junk
  • Jade Blossom Braid
  • Jade Blossom Necklace

my incomplete glams :-

  • Black Pearl Glasses
  • Red Silk Purse
  • Dragon Boat

162 tasks... yup, i craft a lot :P

ok then, time to do some more crafts. hope i'll get those 3 glams before Beijing ends. :D


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