Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dato' Harun & Jaring, Sunway

yesterday's evening my mom, sisters & brother in law went to my brother's house. they went to see my new born niece and spend the night there. my hubby came home late last night. so me & him went to see everyone early this morning. we talked about a lot of things. family related things of course... then they went to my auntie's house at Rawang before going back to our hometown. me & hubby can't followed them. so we went to Jaring for our early lunch instead.

i haven't go there for years. so no idea what the food will be; whether it's still nice & cheap or horrible & expensive. as usual it was already packed with customers although it was only 11.30 am when we got there. so it must be as good as the last time we went there. hubby took veges with fish & iced tea. me took veges with fish & iced lime tea. guess how much does it cost? all together was rm26. frankly, to me, it was quite expensive compared to Seri Bidara. :P our portion isn't that big... anyway, it was still delicious. so no harm done. :D

tomorrow there'll be a birthday celebration for our niece. hubby has some work to do at his office. his boss has been calling him since last night till just now for the report... from his response, i guess he'll be late again like last night. so most probably i couldn't come unless he's around. i'm pretty sure the celebration will still goes on with or without us. so happy birthday & hope everyone will have fun! if we really can't go there tomorrow, then we'll see each other again some other time... Insya-Allah!


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