Friday, March 25, 2011

201 2011 Birthday Gift

201 2011 Birthday Gift

MouseHunt's 3rd Birthday event ends yesterday. not really sure at what time coz i didn't stayed long... anyway, i've collected 201 2011 Birthday Gift. it's time to open my gifts...

4:15 pm - Derr Dunes
I received 37 Stale SUPER|brie+, 75 King's Credits, 41 Power Charms, 114 SUPER|brie+, 28 Luck Charms, 37 Attraction Charms, 357 Brie Cheese, 16 Scrap Metal, 250 Gouda Cheese, 11 Scientist's Charms, 150 Stale Cheese and 340 Swiss Cheese from 201 2011 Birthday Gifts.

well, not bad i guess. lol! now i just need to hunt for another Rhino Horn, then i can craft the new Enraged RhinoBot.

there's so much i need to do first before going to the new Baron/Baroness area; Fiery Warpath. till then, happy hunting! ;)


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