Wednesday, January 26, 2011


What is a diary as a rule? A document useful to the person who keeps it, dull to the contemporary who reads it, invaluable to the student, centuries afterwards, who treasures it! - Ellen Terry

I do not keep a dairy. Never have. To write a diary every day is like returning to one's own vomit. - Enoch Powell

when i was studying in the secondary school, i used to keep a diary. it's not thick & big. it's just a small thin book. i used short form for everything. well, it's mine. so i know the whole meaning of my own handwriting...

i've been keeping & writing my diaries for years. simple details like whom i've met, where & the activities. everything is as short & as simple as i can.

1 incident that happened few years after that makes me stop keeping any diaries till now... my diaries were supposed to be something very personal. nobody should read it as i don't even check other people's belongings... but something bad happened to someone i know & my diaries were taken by someone else. he even made a copy of it & passed it to the chief inspector as the evidence of his missing daughter. yes, you do not misread it.

i used a lot of short form in my small diary & the police thought that i know the girl's whereabout & her daily activities. she has been reported missing the same day i went to my hometown. all of my friends whose name & phone numbers were listed in my diary were called to attend the interrogation as well. no, we were not detained or anything. they were just asking a few questions about the missing girl. that's all. but still they don't want to give me back my diary.

on that day, i've thrown away all my diaries & since then, i've stop buying myself a new diary... whatever happens in my life, i'll just keep it in my mind where nobody else can read it & use it against me.

Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us. - Oscar Wilde


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