Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mouse of Winter Present

my first Mouse of Winter Present
12:23 pm - Festive Comet
I sounded the Hunter's Horn and was successful in the hunt! I caught a 4 lb. 0 oz. Mouse of Winter Present worth 4,000 points and 3,000 gold.

The mouse also dropped the following loot:
1 Festive Mines


finally! :D


acronyms, abbreviations & meanings

PB = PartyBot
MB = Magma Base
SG = Seasoned Gouda


  1. guna set apa ek? x familiar with acronym trap tu.. hehe.. tgh hunting mouse ni.. x dpt2 lg.. sekor ni je x dpt.

    thanks 4 ur help.

    wanna add me? =)

  2. hi Zack! :) request sent. :D

    PB is PartyBot
    MB is Magma Base
    SG is Seasoned Gouda

    hope you'll catch yours soon! :) happy hunting! ;)


thank you! please come again! :)