Monday, August 30, 2010

Kalau Dah Gampang Tu Memang Gampang Jugak, Kan?

i know that's rude but i'm still gonna say it anyway. the undeniable fact is i win & you lose! get over it, okay? please just buzz off from our life! ko banyak dosa dengan aku! jangan lupa tu ye? ko belum mintak maaf lagi & aku belum maafkan ko lagi. so sendiri mau ingat! andai kata aku mati dulu skalipun aku tetap takkan maafkan ko sebab ko tak pernah ikhlas pun dalam persahabatan kita yang lalu. so yeah, sendiri mau ingat!

kepada talam dua muka & gunting dalam lipatan; what goes around comes around. you won't always stay on top. when the time comes, you still need to come down. when you're down from your so called comfortable position, then remember me who you've been betraying for the past years. i won't laugh or cry when you fall but i'm certainly be thankful to Allah for punishing you on behalf of me. just wait & see.

i've been enjoying myself reading my Taurus horoscope from Friendster, MySpace & email & post it here for the past years. i don't think i will be posting about those again starting tomorrow. so basically it's over. today is the last day. if you like reading it in the past & would like to continue reading, then please just go directly to Friendster, Myspace or Astrology & read it there. they have horoscope readings of other zodiacs too. :) of course there are other interesting horoscope sites as well but i normally love reading from those three. your choice!


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