Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ina!

today is her birthday, my dearest sister. we've been closed since kids, sharing a lot of secrets together. i love her, i really do. words can't express much though...

i really want to treat her on her birthday like i've used to when i'm still single. as a full time housewife with no other side incomes, i've to ask my hubby's permission & since he says ok, so i guess today it'll be the day. i'm really looking forward to see her expression.

she laugh when i called her this morning & told her about my plan. it's raining heavily right now. i hope it'll stop by afternoon & i can celebrate her birthday together with my hubby, her hubby & her daughter.

happy birthday, Ina! may all your dreams come true & may Allah always bless you!


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