Sunday, April 19, 2009

Once my Favourite MMORPG

my Facebook friends keep sending me a message in my inbox & asking about what MMORPG that i like best. well, i've played so many in the past especially during the BETA days till they officially launched the games. some of it caught my attention a little lot longer than the rest. well, there are still few that i left out but all that i listed here are those that made me addicted for much longer than those that are not listed. you get what i mean. :P feel free to share with me your favourites MMORPG be it FTP or PTP. :D

Ragnarok Online (FTP & PTP MMORPG)

this is the 1st MMORPG i've played. the most memorable 1 ever. i've played when they 1st launched it in Malaysia during AnimeFest few years back in MidValley. the 1 who got me into this game is my very bestfriend, Faril. :D i've met many wonderful friends in RO & they've become my real life friends. :)

the best private servers i've tried are DevilRO & SythRO. they're both RIP. -_-


this is my 2nd MMORPG; a 2d with cute characters. i've played Maple Story Global since BETA. it was fun & addicting but as times goes by, it became lag & they have to split the server; 1 for Global & the other 1 for SEA. SEA stands for South East Asia.

after the BETA's gone, i quit playing. from time to time when i miss Maple, i'll play the private servers. the best was GosuMS but RIP. -_-

Ghost Online (FTP MMORPG)

the 3rd game i've played is GO. it's another 2d online game. you'll feel like playing Maple but absolutely this isn't Maple. it has many different features but the 1 who spoil this game is the hackers. there was way too many hackers in this game & i quit after that. i love all my characters in there but it's getting bored...

GO doesn't have any private servers yet. :P

Lineage 2 SEA (PTP MMORPG)

i played for 2 months when they 1st launched it in Malaysia. at that time it was FTP (free to play) & lagless free. i quit when the server became lag & fully quit when they started to charge monthly. L2 SEA is now a PTP (pay to play) MMORPG.

i do play few private servers last time but most of them are RIP. -_- if you've found any interesting private server, please let me know. thanks! :)

Shaiya Online (FTP MMORPG)

i've read it somewhere that this is actually an old MMORPG. it became less popular when Lineage 2 (L2) was introduced to the MMORPG world. i don't know about facts but i do know that the interface is more or less like L2. if you've played L2 before (official or private servers), you'll notice there isn't so much difference.

i've just started 3 fresh characters yesterday. :D


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