Thursday, October 16, 2008

My City Daily Adds

i make my own list in a notepad & name it mycity. i bookmark all the cities & put their names in my notepad. i also kept all those names & links who attack my city &/or add unwanted citizens on top of the list. everytime i added the names, i'll check if that person has attack my city before. if not, it goes under my waiting list. i don't return visits to those who add unwanted citizens. in other words even if they added back what i want, i won't add back anymore. i find few loyal & nice traders this way.

whenever i've returned visits to someone, i removed their name on my waiting list & move on to the next name & so on. that's how i do it since started playing. it's easier to keep track but that's just me.

have a nice day!

to share & read other players style, just go to How do you organize your daily addings????


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