Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Friend's Wedding; Nana & Harry

the wedding was fun! :) although my friend said it was for her & her hubby's closed family & friends, the hall was full. only our table got 2 empty seats. the rest was full.

me & hubby went out before 7 pm but we arrived before 9 pm due to no taxi. from our home, no taxi wanna take us to the hall. the taxi we took only sent us to the nearest lrt station; Kelana Jaya.

after arrived at Ampang Park before 8 pm but we waited for half & hour, all the taxi were taken. around 8.35pm we got a taxi & the taxi willing to send us to the hall with extra charge. well, we have no choice & we arrived 10 minutes after that.

we stay there until 11.15 pm. my friend said she'll be there until 12 am for the photo sessions. but we can't stay any longer. too tired... took another taxi straight to our home (extra charge again... :P). arrived before 12 am.

haha! that was fun & tiring day. we were supposed to go to the cinema today but i guess maybe we'll go there tomorrow. :)


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