Thursday, May 8, 2008

What Really Happened Yesterday Morning Around 2 am

i got a call around 2 am from my hubby's number. my hubby did not called me but a stranger. the caller told me that my hubby has met with an accident & was still unconcious. he fainted. then i heard my hubby's voice asking the caller to call his brother. the caller hang up.

i immediately called my brother in law 2 times but he didn't answered. i tried to call my mother in law 2 times too but the line was busy. i called her again for the third time, my brother in law; Alun answered the call. he told me he already knew about the accident & already on his way to pick up my hubby with my father in law.

as soon as he regained his concious, he called me & told me what really happened. he said he hit a big dog but there was no dog lying there when people came to rescue him. what did he hit? i've totally no idea at all. but obviously he did hit something big coz he was throwned quite far & badly hurt himself.

you can see the injuries here -> My Hubby - The Accident

doctor has given him an MC for 2 weeks. he can rest at home but need to check up & do the dressing every single day.


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