Friday, May 9, 2008

The Stupid Jelousy Among MyMiniCity Players

Well, how do I put this?

If you want to be the top of the top in your country, start playing & visiting other cities instead of writing hatred messages on my bulletin & many other top cities. I know who you're & stop pretending like I don't know you!

I have only 1 word for you, FUCK OFF!!! LEAVE ME ALONE! LEAVE OTHER CITIES ALONE! I have never wrote anything stupid on anyone's bulletin.

Play if you want to play or quit & play other games! What you wrote all this while clearly shows that you have no life at all! Are MyMiniCity your only life? Come on, move on! I already did when I reach the top. I don't even bother if other cities are on top of me. That's why I didn't wrote anything on other cities bulletin eventhough I return their visits.

Well, thanks to all my lovely friends who keeps helping me eventhough they know I have already stop playing long time ago. You know what, you guys are the best! I love you all!


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