Thursday, May 1, 2008

My City Important FAQs

1. How do I make my city grow?

Everyday you have a number of citizens to use. You can add them to the cities you want, but not more than 1 per city.

The number of citizen you have per day depends of the population of your city

- it starts with 3 citizen per day
- when you have 10 inhabitants, it's 4 per day
- at 20 inhabitants it's 5 per day
- it keeps increasing

2. How do I get xyz building?

The stats modify the kind of buildings you will get in your city. For exemple, if you have a very high Workforce score, you will have a lot of factories. If you have a lot of Health, you will get a lot of hospitals.

3. How do I get xyz citizen?

The type of citizens you can add depends on your scores. When you get under -10 prosperity, you cannot get any terrorist anymore (as far as I remember).

4. It says I can't add anymore citizens today, when can I add again?

It's GMT+0.

5. Do the roads and infrastructure just happen on their own as the size of the city increases? Or do I have to do something?

It happens by itself.

6. What list do my friends get to pick from? my meager list, or their big list?

They choose from your list. Your list will change as you get more citizens.

7. what does a lot of science bring to the table? on the 1st page, it says if theres a ton of workforce, there'll be plenty of bldgs. what abt science?

I went heavily on science early, and I got the huge skyscraper with the clock on top (eventually). Since then, due to crappy citizens to add, my science has plummeted.
high workforce *seems* to lend itself to crappier buildings (imo), such as the ghetto-lookin' yellowish apartment tower and the gray H-shaped buildings.

Higher prosperity *seems* to lend itself to the luxury hotel-lookin' building and larger residential homes more spread out.

Again, nobody is sure, this is just what I've observed. Overall, I'd suggest that keeping your numbers as balanced as possible *seems* to lend itself to nicer structures overall.

8. How do I keep track of people that added to my city so I don't get angry revenge adds?

Just post on your own board listing who you owe something to. That way people checking in can see that you have noticed them and are keeping track. Once you repay some of them, you cut and paste in a new message with the paid names removed and then delete the old post. It will lalo let people that are hoping to get paid see that the list has been updated as at "xyz time"

9. How do I add more types of citizens? Not more per day, more as in more than clown/terrorist/factory worker/student/engineer/etc?

The citizens available depend on

a) the size of your city (you'll see new groups of cits appear around citizen 10, 20, 40) and
(b) the metrics of your city (prosperity, workforce, etc). When certain metrics get "too high" or "too low" it opens up new cits.

10. Can you move buildings around or do you have to just accept them being plonked wherever the game plonks them? Also, can't find much help - is there any?

There is no way to control the placement or orientation (plonkitude?) of buildings within your city. Buildings can change position or even disapper entirely every time a citizen is added to your city.

11. If you were to look at your city's stats, any idea how I increase the stats for "culture"? there're no option in my current citizen list that can increase the stats for culture. Or will it be appearing in a later stage?

Rock Stars where the first citizen to become available to add culture to my city. The first appeared when my population was around 50 citizens.

12. what does bump mean?

Bring Up My Post

13. How do you increase your prosperity? What citizens should you add?

As long as you have 0 or more Entertainment, the Accountant will always be available (Pro +1, Work +1, Ent -1); but this is a slow citizen with only a net +1 gain in stats. The Golfer (Pro +2, Ent +1) is excellent and efficient for Prosperity gain, but has requirement limits: you need a relatively high Prosperity already and an Entertainment score at or below +65.

Many mayors set up a cycle of adding Golfers, then adding something like the Accountant to offset the Entertainment gain (this is probably the most efficient method of quick Prosperity gain).

At the high end of things, you will always have the Lawyer (Pro +2, Saf +1, Ent -2) but the Golfer remains the most efficient.


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