Monday, March 4, 2013

Beautiful Creatures & Rock Oo! Rimba Bara Kembali; Summit USJ

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم & السلام عليكم
hello visitors; family, friends & strangers!
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last Saturday, me & my bestfriend; Ria went to watch Beautiful Creatures & Rock Oo! Rimba Bara Kembali at Golden Screen Cinemas, The Summit Subang USJ. i've never read the Beautiful Creatures novel. so i've no complain what so ever like those who have read it. no offense but i think the movie itself is great. i've never watched Rock, so i've no idea how great it was but i really love Rock Oo! Rimba Bara Kembali. it was fun & exciting. i laughed most of the time. to me both movies; Beautiful Creatures & Rock Oo! Rimba Bara Kembali are awesome & worth it. i don't mind watching it again in the future...

Beautiful Creatures & Rock Oo! Rimba Bara Kembali, GSC Summit USJ

besides watching movies, i bought myself a rm25 bag at Shanty (forgot to check the shop's name but i did get her name card with her phone number in it) & Ahadiat Akashah's novel; Untuk Tiga Hari at Popular Book Store (i didn't watched the movie & can't really remember if i have read the novel or not, so i just bought it without thinking. it's just like love at the first sight :P). we have our meals at 2 cafes (still didn't really check the name :P i know i'm getting older & forgetful nowadays...). we even went to Checkers Hypermarket Sri Sentosa (near my home) & bought a few things before going back home for good.

rm25 bag

Untuk Tiga Hari by Ahadiat Akashah

thank you so much, my dear Ria for spending your valuable time with me! hope to see you again soon, Insya-Allah! :)


  1. I have seen the trailers for Beautiful Creatures and am not sure I would like the movie. I just wanted you to know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. This is for blogs with 200 followers or less. Check out the information about this award on my blog:

  2. sesame, nnt kuar tgk ayenmen 3 ok!


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