Sunday, October 30, 2011

Open Up Wide

all completed :D

Special mission: Open up wide

Agents of SCOTCH, it is that time again when the strange castle have reappeared out of thin air. Travel there and successfully trap the following ghosts there in the next 3 days: 30 Dentist ghosts, 6 Sadistic dentist ghosts, 12 Waitress ghosts, 3 Clumsy waitress ghosts. If you can do that you will receive the following rewards: 1 document IC.1, CC.1, SHQ.2, SMG.1, HSA.1, 1 De-augmentator, 200 Pumpkin punches, 50 Choco shock mocktails, 10 badges, and 15 Magic wood. Good luck to you!

Time left to complete this mission: 45 hours and 2 minutes

Catch 30 Dentist ghosts

Your progress: 30 of 30 ghosts
[Objective status: Completed]

Catch 6 Sadistic dentist ghosts

Your progress: 6 of 6 ghosts
[Objective status: Completed]

Catch 12 Waitress ghostss

Your progress: 12 of 12 ghosts
[Objective status: Completed]

Catch 3 Clumsy waitress ghosts

Your progress: 3 of 3 ghosts
[Objective status: Completed]

Congratulations, you have fulfilled all objectives. Click the button below to finish this mission and claim your reward.

30th of October 2011, 07:59

You have successfully accomplished the special mission 'Open up wide'. Your reward has been added to your inventory.

my setup :-

Mechanism: Iron maiden
Magic Circle: Wax pyramids
Contract: Vilevere
Companion: Ghost seal - level 5
Crystal: Mighty chrono crystal
Cauldron: Cauldron
Bait: Devil Driver
Location: McDuff Lighthouse
Badge: Twilight


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