Sunday, June 5, 2011

In The Midnight Hour

75/75 :D

Special mission: In the midnight hour

Agents of S.C.O.T.C.H, the chairman wants you to successfully trap 75 Midnight ghosts this week. If you can do this, you will receive the following reward: 5 Ghost plasma, 2 Chrono crystal fragment, 2 Jurassic plasma, 250 Corpse reviver mocktails, and 1 document EG.2. Good luck to you!

Time left to complete this mission: 47 hours and 27 minutes

Catch any 75 midnight ghosts
Your progress: 75 of 75 ghosts

Congratulations, you have fulfilled all objectives. Click the button below to finish this mission and claim your reward.

5th of June 2011, 08:33
You have successfully accomplished the special mission 'In the midnight hour'. Your reward has been added to your inventory.

yay! :D

here's my setup...

Mechanism: Iron maiden
Magic Circle: Neon lights
Contract: The Chairman
Companion: Ghost Snake - level 5 with +2 midnight attraction
Crystal: Mighty Chrono Crystal
Cauldron: Cauldron
Bait: Pumpkin Punch
Location: Castle McDougan

Success: You negotiated the contract: Ether guardian.

Your friend Vanessa Grayden D'Antoni started a hunt for you. You have successfully trapped a Sexy temptress ghost. The reward for this ghost is 406 £ and 153 experience points. Furthermore, this ghost dropped some loot:
17 x Glengreen - blue (10 bonus loot)
1 x Blue kiss
20 x Moormist - blue (10 bonus loot)

i'm so happy! i've completed my mission of getting Ether Guardian and Blue Kiss. time for another personal mission. :D

it's raining right now but i've plan to watch X-Men : First Class with my dearest hubby. he already bought the tickets. i'm so excited! :D

happy weekend! :) till then, take care! ;)


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