Sunday, May 8, 2011

May Ghostathon

Special mission: May Ghostathon

Agents of S.C.O.T.C.H, it is time for a Ghostathon again. Successfully trap 350 ghosts within the next 3 days and receive the following as loot: 1 ACD.1, EG.1, STD.1, MAC.1, 5 Ghost plasma, 3 Jurassic and 3 Elemental plasma, 3 Chrono crystal fragments. 100 Black widow mocktails and 50 Nessy's Platinum Edition. Good luck to you!

Time left to complete this mission: 44 hours and 23 minutes

Catch 350 ghosts of any kind

Your progress: 350 of 350 ghosts
[Objective status: Completed]

Congratulations, you have fulfilled all objectives. Click the button below to finish this mission and claim your reward.

8th of May 2011, 11:38

You have successfully accomplished the special mission 'May Ghostathon'. Your reward has been added to your inventory.

mission accomplished! :D very easy mission if you have lowest cool down setup. i use 2.5 minutes, 3.5 minutes, 4.5 minutes & 5.5 minutes settings in few locations as i'm hunting for souvenirs. plus 18 power hunts (9 power hunts per day) & 55 friends hunt. couldn't make it this fast without friends hunt & power hunts. anyway, few of my friends have completed this mission in 11 hours. they used 2 minutes settings. :)


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