Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Egg Hunt 2011

the details of Spring Egg Hunt 2011 event

this event is pretty simple & very straight forward.

  1. collect 10 eggs in order to unlock the Chocolate Factory map.
  2. hunt for the Marshmallow Monterey cheese from the 3 new event mice; Coco Commander Mouse, Egg Painter Mouse & Eggsplosive Scientist Mouse.
  3. arm Marshmallow Monterey cheese to catch the Hare Razer for the new loot; Rocket Rabbit Mallet
  4. use the Rocket Rabbit Mallet to smash all 10 eggs for surprises

that's all! you can continue hunting at the Chocolate Factory or just go back to your normal hunting before the event started. :)

my first Hare Razer Mouse

my setup is PartyBot/Magma Base/Lucky Rabbit Charm/Marshmallow Monterey

smash 9 eggs except Gift Egg

i love surprises! 50 SUPER|brie+, 10 Ultimate Luck Charms, 15 Luck Charms, 20 Flawless Orbs, 20 Scrap Metal, 3 Ultimate Power Charms, 1 Umbrella, 10 Lucky Rabbit Charms, 1 Chocolate Bunny, 30 Flawed Orbs & 30 Simple Orbs from 9 eggs except Gift Egg. :D i have 68 Gifts Eggs & haven't decided when i want to smash them. :P


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