Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Outstation, GT Mission & MH Event

nop, not me but my hubby... -_- he has to go for a 3 days outstation. not for leisure but for work. as usual i hate this feelings when he's not around. i mean when i know he won't be here for days. he just left this morning but i already miss him... have a safe journey, my dear! i'll be waiting till you come home...

yesterday's GT mission went well. i've completed it last night. have to use 222 FM & few other mocktails which i've lost count. well, i don't really have the right figure as to how many i've used just for this mission. but the point is it was a success. whether it was worth the effort or not, i don't wanna know...

i'll be joining another MH event by the MsM group. the BBB & Nugget Competition by Khairuddin & Fyza event will be held this evening from 6 pm till midnight. i may not be actively hunting as i wanna watch my favourite series tonight; Ghost Whisperer & Desperate Housewives.

till then, have a great day! ;)


acronyms, abbreviations & meanings

GT - Ghost Trappers
FM - Frozen mist
MH - MouseHunt
MsM - Mousehunt Satu Malaysia
BBB - Big Bad Burroughs

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