Saturday, March 5, 2011

MouseHunt's 3rd Birthday Celebration!

MH 3rd Birthday :D

finally, here comes the 3rd MH Birthday! don't really know the exact time but when i login this morning, it has already started at new location called Birthday Party in Gnawnia. :) oh yeah! :D

new cheese; Cupcake Colby comes from Cupcake Colby Potions. pots were drop from both Cowardly Mouse & Curious Chemist Mouse. it can also be send from the free gifts page.

3 new event mice; Sleepwalker Mouse, Pintail Mouse & Buckethead Mouse. none of them i have caught yet. lol!

MH Birthday isn't special without the Birthday Mouse. this time it'll drop the 2011 Birthday Gift. looks the same as the daily free gift; Mystery Gift Box. so as usual you can open the gifts & get various items including SB+ & KC.

& the last thing that everyone is hoping for is the birthday base & trap. the Cheesecake Base that can be bought for 80k glod plus 90 Curds & Whey & 60 Brie. the Birthday Candle Kaboom can be bought for 289k gold plus 3 loots from the 3 new event mice; Birthday Explosives, Fuse & Red Wax.

last but not least; a new charm & 3 new festive gifts. the Nanny Charm can be found as a loot from Cowardly Mouse & Magic Mouse. that's where i got mine besides from the free gifts of course. the 3 festive gifts are Spring Toy for 3k gold, Birthday Bear for 28k gold & Silly Birthday Hat for 30k gold.

ok, that's all! Happy 3rd Birthday, MH! happy hunting to all MH players & happy weekend to the non-players! :D take care! ;)


acronyms, abbreviations & meanings

MH - MouseHunt
SB+ - SUPER|brie+
KC - King's Credit


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