Sunday, March 6, 2011

CityVille; My Way

my profit centre
this is my 4x4 profit setting consist of 3 tower eats & 5 hq. each hq is at max 28%.

my storage
as you can see, i've lots of piers. my max storage is currently at 30,695 goods. with or without boats, the pier will give you each 420 goods of storage.

my business centre & housing centre
i've only 7 roads. the rest of the buildings were linked by sidewalks. i separate both business & housing area so that i can collect from the towers faster since it'll filled up in 3-5 minutes.

3x3 profit setting
if you don't have any profitable 4x4 business such as tower eat, cinema or pool hall, then you can use this 3x3 setting for music store, furniture store, jewelry store, chic boutique, wedding store, sushi bar & the rest of 3x3 businesses.

there you go! no more secrets! :D


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