Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm Sorry, My Gamer Friends!

i haven't login to many games since last year & i barely cleared my games requests since then. since i started playing CityVille, i've stop playing other Zynga games including Cafe World, FarmVille & PetVille. that's the reason why i haven't helped or send anything back as i didn't cleared the requests. i'm taking a long break as much as i can... i'm really tired with all the Cafe World side quests that needs to be done in order to unlock dishes for catering... it's just boring! i play Zynga games with my siblings & have told them the same thing. i can't help them out for the time being.

i'm playing lots of games in FB (Facebook) & most of them are very time consuming. once i can adjust some time like i've used to before, i'll help with the rest. if not, then maybe i have to block them... :( like i've told you last time, i've stop playing many games but i didn't block them simply because i don't want to reinstall those games if i missed them & want to play again but the requests never stop coming... as for Playfish games, i've no longer login for years but i cleared out the requests sometimes (not daily) because it's easier to accept & send back without the need to login to the game. same as Sorority Life.

since Facebook has changed their feature countless times (i lost count & don't really remember the exact date of the changes) & showed only the latest 100 or 99 games request & not all like it used to (like few years back when i'm still new to FB), it's hard to help everyone unless i cleared all newer games requests first before the older requests showed up & that really takes a lot of time as i have more than 3500 friends that play many games like i do. last time i can view all the requests; the max is 1000 but i can easily help out anyone for any games. but now, it's impossible unless i've to stop doing other things in real life just to clear out all the requests & block all the games that i've stop playing (or taking a break) to reduce the games requests i've received daily... & when will that happen? i've no idea!

i hope you understand my situation & i'm really really really sorry that i couldn't help you much like i've used too. please forgive me! if i play again in the future, i'll help you out again as much as i can... Insya-Allah! but if not, then please help yourself out & get some help from others... ok?

till then, take care! ;)


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