Saturday, January 29, 2011

Special Day Out With Special Friend

she came & fetched me in the morning. we've planned on watching a movie together; Gulliver's Travel at GSC Cinema at The Summit, USJ. the show started at 1 pm. we bought the tickets & strolling around finding a place to eat. after searching high & low, we've finally decided to eat at the Johnny's Restaurant. i've never been there. we ordered a steambot set for 2 people, a bowl of tomyam meehoon, a glass of chocolate milk shake & a glass of plain ice water.

as soon as we've finished eating, we went straight to the cinema & watched the Gulliver's Travel. i laughed out loud most of the time. don't really care much about the people sitting next to me. oh, it's not my special friend but some stranger who was talking on her mobile phone most of the time. anyway, it was so funny & enjoyable. thanks a lot for inviting me to watch it together with you, my special friend. :D

we went to the nearest book store; MPH Bookstore. i bought myself 4 novels; all written by my favourite author or should i call him writer? 3 compilation novels + 1 novel = rm45.80. my friend bought herself a few books & a novel as well. she sent me home safely & went back to Putrajaya. please drive safely, my dear & thanks a lot for spending your day with me. :)


  1. keluar dgn sape lg, Atie. dgn KR le. hehe! kalo Atie ada kat sini, boleh le keluar skali. :)


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