Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mary, Ronza & Mol Points

i was supposed to see Mary last week but something unavoidable happen, so i end up not get to see her. yesterday's evening she called & told me to see her today in the evening. after that i've to attend a workshop that she has already arranged for me. i feel a bit uneasy. well, it has been almost a month now since my last appointment. i just hope everything will be alright.

Ronza has finally arrived safely at Gnawnia. not really sure about the exact time as i wasn't even online at that time. anyway, i bought everything as i don't wanna regret like last time. lol! well, it's LE for a reason right? :D you can see people begging for gold everywhere. that always happen whenever she's here. hahahaha!

someone has promised to get me a Mol points & i've been waiting patiently since then. i hope i can get it today. what i'm gonna do about it? well, there's something i want to buy for a very very long time. if you really know me, you probably already know what it is... :P someone has been really kind enough in guiding me the easier & cheaper way to get it. i feel so excited! :D

ok, time is running. i've so much to do before meeting Mary. i hope everyone will be having a great weekend with their loved ones wherever they're. take care! ;)


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LE = Limited Edition


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